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Consignments are accepted on a walk-in basis anytime

 TUESDAY-FRIDAY 11a.m - 5p.m


The Altar and the consigner will mutually determine the list price of all items based on age, condition, brand, style, size and demand. We thoroughly research your dress to come up with the best price for you and our customers.  


You will receive 50% of the final list price (minus taxes.) The consignor will receive a check after the sale of their item. 


Due to the ever changing wedding dress styles, we only accept dresses 3 years or newer. Your gown will be displayed in the store for 3 months. 


WE DO NOT CONSIGN Bridesmaids dresses, flower girl dresses, mother of the bride dresses or outdated wedding gowns.   


All worn items must be professionaly dry cleaned before they are consigned. If your item(s) have not been professionally cleaned or preserved, The Altar can arrange a professional cleaning at a discounted rate. All fees must be paid at the time of consignment.

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